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The ArtsScience Achievement Foudation


901 North Pitt St.

Suite 325

Alexandria VA 22314

Tel/Fax: (703) 229 90 02   

Email: Asafound@gmail.com 



The History of the Foundation


"The Arts and Science Achievement Foundation" was established in October, 1996, in Florida under the name "The Artistic Achievement Foundation”.

The main goal of the organization was creation of permanently functioning cultural, artistic, educational and scientific informational programs, contributing to the strengthening of political, cultural and economical connections between the US and the countries of former USSR. We believe it will also help those countries to develop as stable democratic states.

In 1997 the organization received the status of "non-profit organization" (501(c)(3)).

Because of the increasing number of programs for scientific and informational exchange, "The Artistic Achievement Foundation" was renamed to "The Arts and Science Achievement Foundation" (ASAF) in 2005 with the same status - "non-profit organization"

Nowadays the ASAF also has its office in Washington D.C. and also permanent representatives in New York (USA), and Moscow (the Russian Federation).

To accomplish its mission and improve  mutual understanding between the countries, the Foundation has organized and maintained the following projects on a permanent basis:

  1. Musical  contest "The Crystal Slipper" for the gifted Russian children from low-income families and orphans  (until 2005)
  2. International Youth Musical Awards "The Crystal Note" for the gifted youth from socially disadvantaged communities.
  3. Russian-American informational project "Our Mutual Understanding in a Future"
  4. Russian-American humanitarian action "The Paths of Hope" (until 2009)
  5. New Year Project "The Christmas Miracle"
  6. International Informational TV Project in the field of agriculture "Attraction of the Earth"
  7. Educational program USA Summer Internship

The main sources of funds for the activities of the Foundation are donations from People and Companies. In different times the Foundation projects were supported by  OJSC Gasprom, Lukoil North America Inc, Financial-Industrial Group "BSK" (Russia), "Kristal Marcus Realty" (Florida, USA), International Economic company "Eksima" (Russia), ESSO Company (UK), Crystal Note Inc. (USA), Ksana International Inc. (USA), agro-industrial company "Russian South" (Russia), Trust & Company International Inc. (USA).  Usually, the sponsors provide funding in a form of grants for a single project.

The Board of Directors of Arts and Science Achievement Foundation can distribute  collected funds the following way:

  • Service fees and travel expenses of American and foreign professionals involved in implementation of Foundation projects and events in the US and abroad
  • Grants to program participants, regardless of their citizenship, if events are held in the United States;
  • Grants to US citizens as participants of the Foundation activities held outside the United States
  • Travel expenses and service fees for US civil servants and public figures in the United States, as well as during their participation in the programs of the Foundation outside the United States, which under the US law can not be paid for by foreign partners.