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The ArtsScience Achievement Foudation


901 North Pitt St.

Suite 325

Alexandria VA 22314

Tel/Fax: (703) 229 90 02   

Email: Asafound@gmail.com 



The Mission of the Foundation


To promote the creation of equal conditions for the development of natural talents and abilities, as well as the acquisition of professional education and a dignified life in the future for gifted young people from low-income families in the United States, the countries of the former Soviet Union and other states on whose territory the Foundation conducts its international actions and projects. The category of "low-income youth" primarily includes: children from orphanages, shelters, boarding schools, children of deceased servicemen, children from large families with low incomes per capita. For this goal, to try to develop international humanitarian programs and projects based on the principles of consolidating the efforts and resources of the state, the publicity and business, using the best practices accumulated by the human community.
The Foundation recognizes the following areas of public life as priorities for its activities:

  • Support of general and vocational education
  • Development of higher education
  • Support and development of projects in Sports and tourism
  • Development of scientific and cultural exchange programs between countries
  • Development of information projects in digital and printed media
  • Support of entrepreneurship
  • Development of innovative infrastructure
  • Support of projects in the field of nanotechnology

The programs developed and implemented by the Foundation assume the use of a wide range of mechanisms for their implementation:

  • Grants (targeted, invited, for institutional development, individual grants, grants to cover transportation costs);
  • Contracts for the provision of services;
  • Training programs, including training of coaches;
  • Researching;
  • Conferences, seminars, trainings;
  • Practical discussions at the "round table";
  • Public information companies;
  • Competitions and festivals, social fairs;
  • Networking;
  • Exchange of specialists, including thematic conferences and study tours;
  • Partnerships, including public-private partnerships
  • Consultations.