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  SAMBO International Victory Cup



International Alliance of SAMBO (FIAS) and The Arts & Science Achievement Foundation, an American non-commercial organization are proud to announce the opening of the annual SAMBO International Victory Cup.

The project is dedicated to expanding and spreading the popularity of the philosophy of SAMBO in the United States as a sport and as a safe self-defense option for resisting aggression in everyday life.

The first tournament will be held in 2017 with the support and participation of the European SAMBO Alliance and USA Sambo Inc.

Participants: cadets from countries victorious in World War II.

One of the main objectives of SAMBO International Victory Cup is reinforcing international relations, friendships, and communication among young people from different countries, along with nurturing younger generation’s respect for the memory of the tragic events of WWII and training them to reject aggression and to be able to withstand it in all its forms.

The responsibility for the general arrangement and carrying out of SAMBO International Victory Cup will be given to an organizing committee composed of famous athletes, actors, and public figures from USA, Russia, Great Britain, France, etc. Their names guarantee an honest judgement of the competitions and respect and attention towards the event from American viewers, world’s population, and the press.

Periodicity: annual starting in 2017 in one of the cities in USA

Participating Countries: USA, France, England and Russia. Also with consideration of the immeasurable contribution in the triumph over fascist Germany from all the Soviet Union nations and their loss of over 20 million of their citizens in WWII, countries that were part of the Soviet Union between the years 1941-1945 can send their Sambo cadets to represent them in the SAMBO International Victory Cup. Some of the countries are: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, The Republic of Kirghizia, Latvia, Lithuania, The Republic of Belarus, The Republic of Moldova, Tadzhikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Estonia.

The organizers recognize the right of the 19 countries listed above to the title of Victors of WWII and to be annually represented by a team of fighters in all weight classes and titles established by the SAMBO International Victory Cup. The total number of participants is 300 people, including athletes, accompanying personnel, and tournament staff.


The SAMBO International Victory Cup Program includes:

1.SAMBO competitions among the cadets. Allowed to participate are athletes born in 2001-2002 in the following weight classes:

  • females 38kg, 41kg, 44kg, 48kg, 52kg, 56kg, 60kg, 70kg, +70kg
  • males 42kg, 46kg, 50kg, 55kg, 60kg, 66kg, 72kg, 78kg, 84kg, +84kg

2. Professional Combat SAMBO competitions. Allowed to participate are only males of any age in the following weight classes:

  • males 52kg, 57kg, 62kg, 68kg, 74kg, 82kg, 90kg, 100kg, +100kg

3. League S-70 classified competitions. Allowed to participate are athletes of the following weight classes, and their weight cannot exceed the allowed limit in the corresponding MMA weight class:

65.8 — 70.3


93 — 120.2


83.9 — 93

Light heavyweight

77.1 — 83.9


Regulations. The SAMBO competitions among cadets are held with the intention of determining the strongest athletes in given age categories and the expansion of SAMBO among young people in USA and on the Pan-American Continent. Competitions in the SAMBO and Professional Combat SAMBO categories will be held per “the Regulations of organizing official FIAS competitions” and “the international rules of SAMBO competitions”.

The SAMBO competitions are held with elimination and “consolation” of semi-finalists. Determination of the teams rounded up placement will be held per the Olympic standard (total count of points per the amount of gold, silver, and bronze medals).

The judging of the SAMBO International Victory Cup competitions will be provided by a judging collegium approved by the chair of the judging committee of FIAS. Only judges of “international ranking”, approved by the chair of the judging committee of FIAS with a judge license for 2017, will be allowed to judge the SAMBO and Professional Combat SAMBO Competitions among cadets.

All SAMBO competitors are required to have medical insurance that covers hospitalization. If needed, first aid is guaranteed to all participants of the tournament at the locations of the tournament and training facilities provided by the organizing committee.

Given the lack of information about SAMBO as a sport in the United States the organizing committee will be offering entertainment and performances by popular artists during the SAMBO and Combat SAMBO intermissions to draw the interest of the audience toward the competition. Master classes in SAMBO will be held during the Combat SAMBO intermissions with the intent of demonstrating SAMBO to the audience as a safe everyday lifestyle etiquette.

With the objective of making SAMBO more popular among college and high school students the tournament organizers will be allocating funding for transportation, meals, and free of charge SAMBO competition attendance to groups of 100 high school students per trip from the nearing states: New Jersey, Washington D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut.

League S-70 classified competitions held within the SAMBO International Victory Cup imply fights among unarmed contestants organized in compliance with a specially prepared protocol. The League S-70 classified competitions will be conducted per Professional Combat SAMBO rules and will include combinations of multiple techniques, schools, and variations of other mixed martial arts.

Eight famous athletes from participating countries will be invited to take part in the League S-70 classified competitions of the SAMBO International Victory Cup, who will compete for the prize in the size of $ US 1,300,000 (One million three hundred thousand US dollars). The organizing committee guarantees insurance in the amount determined by the S-70 classified rules of the state conducting the event to every participating athlete.

The League S-70 classified competitions of the SAMBO International Victory Cup will consist of 4 fights at the Madison Square Garden arena. Participation in the Main Event has been confirmed by Chuck Liddell, the Mixed Martial Arts and Light Heavyweight class UFC 2005-2007 world champion and member of the UFC Hall of Fame. All 4 League S-70 classified fights will be broadcasted on pay-per-view.

Financial Terms of SAMBO International Victory Cup

The Arts & Science Achievement Foundation establishes and provides the annual “Victory Cup” monetary prize of $ US 2.424.000 in the following nominations:

1. Cadet competitions: 20 categories. Total: $ US 70.000

First Place $ US 2000, Second Place $ US 1000, Third Place $ US 500

2. Professional Combat SAMBO: 9 categories. Total: $ US 54.000

First Place $ US 3000, Second Place $ US 2000, Third Place $ US 1000

3. League S-70 Classified competitions: Total: $ US 2.300.000

First Place $ US 1 000.000 (Heavyweight) and the retainer of two athletes $ US 500.000 each

First Place $ US 100.000 (Lightweight)

First Place $ US 100.000 (Light Heavyweight)

First Place $ US 100.000 (Middleweight)

All the SAMBO and Combat SAMBO weight classes will be competing for sets of gold, silver, and bronze medals made from precious metals corresponding with the titles of the medals.

The main “Victory Cup” trophy will be awarded per the results of the summing count, and the winners of the S-70 classified competitions in the SAMBO International Victory Cup will be awarded the “Gold Championship Belt”. All tournament participants will be awarded diplomas and memorable gifts.  

The “Victory Cup” given to the winning team and the “Gold Championship Belt” for one-on-on S-70 classified competitions will be made from precious metals and stones and from a Tiffany House original design.

Throughout the duration of the SAMBO International Victory Cup the organizing committee will give funding to athlete cadets and their accompanying coaches for twice a day meals and 50% of the roundtrip to the US city hosting the tournament.

All athletes participating in the League S-70 classified competitions at Madison Square Garden will be provided necessary insurance in the amount established by the state of New York for hosting MMA fights, sponsored by the tournament organizers, after passing the required independent medical commission.

The SAMBO International Victory Cup organizers are planning on spending no less than $ US 1 000 000 on advertisement for it. The advertising campaign will begin 6 months prior to the event. It will use the latest IP technologies for media development in social networks including Influencer Marketing Automation Platform. A documentary made by the CNBS network about the most memorable victories, athletes, and events at the international “Victory Cup” tournament with be broadcasted in the United States and all the countries in North and South America.

Detailed information including the status of SAMBO International Victory Cup, request forms for participation, and other documents can be found on the tournament’s website www.sambocup.org

For collaboration and sponsorship inquiries, as well as journalist and press accreditation, please call the following numbers:

+1 (212) 201 92 61 EXT 500

+1 (786) 444 88 76


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Author: Julia Khoroshilova

Consultant on the project "Sambo Worldwide"

The Arts & Science Achievement Foundation