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Literary series «People changing the World»


The Arts & Science Achievement Foundation together with the Liberty Publishing House presents an upcoming release of a book by a famous Russian political scientist and expert Alexei Mukhin. In this book, titled «Pharaoh», the author makes an assessment of the prospects and lines of Vladimir Putin’s rule in Russia, one of the largest countries in the world, in the next 6 years. The book is translated into English and will be published in the USA in July 2018.

The book is based on various facts and studies of the social and economic life of the country, as well as the author’s impressions about his personal meetings with the hero of the book and the events around the 2018 presidential campaign, in which Alexei Mukhin participated actively.

A special focus in the book is made on the evaluation of the major international developments in recent years, which, according to Western experts, were determined by the participation of Russia and the stance taken by Russian President.

The book will present unique photographs from the personal archive of the Centre for Political Information led by Alexei Mukhin, and the TASS News Agency, which have not been published anywhere.

Here we bring to your attention the synopsis of the contents of the book «Pharaoh» by Alexei Mukhin.