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The ArtsScience Achievement Foudation


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Suite 325

Alexandria VA 22314

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Welcome speech to the audience

at the Carnegie Hall concert April 22, 2018 in

Tribute to Dmitri Hvorostovsky:


Good evening Ladies and Gentleman!

On behalf of the arts and science achievement foundation, I would like to thank all of you for coming together tonight to celebrate the memory of one of the greatest singers of our time - Dmitry Hvorostovskiy. 

Sadly, Dmitry was taken by cancer -an enemy that the whole world is currently combating, and tonight the fight continues as all the part of proceeds from ticket sales will go to the New York Presbyterian cancer center.

My parents who started this foundation and are in the audience tonight, have had the privilege of knowing this great artist personally and although I do not share this privilege with them, I am honored to be standing on this stage and celebrating the memory of a Russian legend who is immortalized though his music and in the memories of all those who knew him. As a sign of my delight and respect for his strength and talent, I would like to present these beautiful Russian - chamomiles, which represent this artist’s truly Russian soul.

We hope you enjoy tonight’s performance.


Thank you.

Dr. Anna V. Artsibacheva, 

President of The Arts & Science Achievement Foundation


Tribute to Dmitri Hvorostovsky - The Program







Charitable musical project

"A Tribute to Dmitri Hvorostovsky"


on April 22, 2018

on the stage of CARNEGIE HALL




On April 22, 2018, The Arts & Science Achievement Foundation, together with Talents of the World, an International concert organization, will bring an extraordinary project to Carnegie Hall: “The Tribute to Dmitri Hvorostovsky”. This operatic concert will be performed in honor of the extraordinary baritone Dmitri Hvorostovsky, who succumbed to cancer this past November. Dmitri Hvorostovsky is considered one of the best baritones of all time, and the whole operatic world was shaken by the loss of this beloved artist. 




As Anthony Tommasini described him, "A favorite of audiences thanks to his alluring voice and heart-throb presence, Mr. Hvorostovsky cut a striking figure, his trim 6-foot-1 frame topped by a mane of prematurely white hair."







Renée Fleming, the world-renowned soprano, performed frequently with Dmitri and once commented that, "There have been many beautiful voices, but in my opinion none more beautiful than Dmitri’s.”


Several of talents of the world's colleagues and friends performed frequently with Mr. Hvorostovsky and are ready to leave their busy schedules and fly to New York City to remember their beloved colleague.


The concert will feature several of the world's leading singers, including Nino Surguladze of the Covent Garden Royal Opera. Ms. Surguladze is affectionately known as the "Penelope Cruz of opera," and is, according to Placido Domingo, one of the best mezzo-sopranos of this generation. Her credentials are impressive; though one of the world’s most sought-after opera singers, she also performs pop repertoire and was recently featured in an operatic acting role on the TNT series, "The Alienist," starring Dakota Fanning and Luke Evans.



Also singing at the Tribute will be Veronica Dzhioeva, an exciting soprano, Bolshoi Theater soloist, and winner of many international competitions;







Raúl Melo, an American tenor and Metropolitan Opera soloist;





and David Gvinianidze, a renowned baritone and recipient of the United Nation's Medal for promoting arts and culture in the world. 





The Arts & Science Achievement Foundation has committed to donating part of the funds received from the sale of tickets to this Tribute concert to the treatment of children with cancer.